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‘Media Tempestas’, the grandfather of ‘Hispania’

October 30, 2013 Hispania  No comments

Media Tempestas
Before ‘Hispania: Saints & Warriors’ there was ‘Media Tempestas: Hispania’. This ‘Media Tempestas’ was a humble oldie-style strategic game, programmed by me alone in QBasic and focused on the Spanish Reconquista. It was a modest design. After all, this kind of games don’t demand a lot of resources and are thought to please a very limited audience. It was, simply, a personal project for a personal satisfaction.
The idea of ‘Media Tempestas’ was born at my degree lectures on Spanish Middle Ages during my university days, at the beginning of the present century...
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Welcome to ‘Hispania: Saints and Warriors’

October 9, 2013 Hispania  No comments

Hispania Saints & Warriors Image

The web you are reading right now is thought to keep our followers informed about the game we are working on: Hispania – Saints and Warriors.

What is Hispania? A history game? A game on historical strategy? An edutainment game? I think it is all of this and more. Because we are aiming at a very ambitious project, which can be defined as a historical simulation. Why a historical simulation? Because our intention is to show a historical time in an exhaustive detail, and let the player participate in it...

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