2D and FullHD, Retina and 4K resolutions

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Resolucion 4k Retina FullHD Zoom Bicubic Interpolation

Currently the resolution of the screens is increasing very quickly due to the continuous reduction of components. Therefore, it’s possible to put more pixels per inch (ppi). In particular, it is common to find computers with the following resolutions:

- FullHD (1920×1080 px): A standard and, during 2013 and 2014, one of the most common screen resolutions.
- Retina (various resolutions): In early 2014, with this type of display, you can reach resolutions over 3840 x 2160 px.
- 4K (4096×2160): Starting to extend from the end of 2013, these types of screens are becoming more common each day.
- Other resolutions: Of course, you do not have to forget that currently the most commonly used resolution is 1366×768. And 1024×768 resolutions remain common.

How does this affect a 2D game? The following image is an example of a game with a native resolution of 640×480 on a monitor with the same resolution. If we ran the same game on a Retina display (right) the image would be too small.
4K Retina FullHD Monitors and 2D Games
In this case, if we enlarge the image, the result would be a pixelated game and if we do nothing, we can barely see the game. In our videogame Hispania: Saints & Warriors, solutions implemented are:

- An original FullHD resolution
- An adaptation for monitors with lower resolution
- Custom Zoom with bicubic interpolation, so that in higher resolution monitors, we can enlarge the image while maintaining a high quality image.
- Adaptation of vision’s field, so if we want to see the game with a 100% quality on a 4K monitor, we will see all the game quality and a much larger range. And we can adapt the view with the help of the bicubic zoom.

Bicubic Interpolation Nirdia

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