3D Sea under a 2D Map

July 27, 2014 DevBlogHispania  No comments

3D Sea over 2D Map

We have already seen that Hispania Saints & Warriors it’s going to be a 2D game. However, when we started creating the sea, we find out that we didn’t like the 2D sea. A 2D sea is usually created by animated tiles repeated all over the screen.

Therefore, to give a realistic result for the sea, same quality as the other Hispania graphics, the best choice is a 3D sea, which gives depth depending on the area, darkest parts, coral, Mediterranean area and realistic animation according to the whole map.

Hispania faced here with a challenge. Join a 3D map at same level of a 2D map. Keep in mind that:

- 2D images are projected on the X and Y coordinates of the screen.
- There is no zoom, so we resize all elements to simulate the zoom.
- There is no concept of moving around the map. The map and all the elements must be moves around the screen.

- A 3D scene is projected using a camera and a distance.
- To zoom and move objects, we only need to move the camera.

Despite these difficulties, Hispania has successfully fused the two worlds, with best of 2D and 3D. Here are the results:

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