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When developing video games, one of the things that I like most is to think how to solve different problems or difficulties that I’m finding. In the case of “Hispania: Saints & Warriors”, this could be initially make an engine that is capable of supporting multi-resolution to accommodate all monitors and graphics cards, figure out how to integrate 3D elements with 2D elements in the same plane (as 2D is drawn on the screen resolution and the 3D is a projection), how to make an animation for trees (which requires applying mathematical equations), etc.

Therefore, I don’t like Googling to solve these issues, as I like to face them, think about different possibilities and find my own solutions. One of the objectives of this devblog will be sharing different difficulties that I’m finding, and explain the solution carried out. Of course, although the goal is not to find solutions on Google, many times we need to seek documentation because mathematics is often present in many parts of game development.

In many circumstances, I am also involved in graphic design tasks, so these design topics will also be covered in this devblog: how to draw mountains, how to make vector drawings easily, how to draw and animate raster sprites (i.e. sprites made pixel by pixel) or how to render models.

In any case, I shall not talk about how to do this stuff in a specific tool, but solutions or methods will be raised in general, so that it can be extended to any used tool.

On the design side (at least, which I’ll deal) I will not go either to explain tools like GIMP, Photoshop, Flash, Malla, 3D Studio, etc. but the solution will be aimed at resolving each situation independently of these tools.

We will make some thread about the sound and music, but in principle, we won’t compose music (perhaps a specific track) so we will have the help of third parties.

Additionally, we will create entries for any interesting questions that you ask.

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