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Nirdia Entertainment About

Nirdia Entertainment

Nirdia Entertainment is an indie game company emerged in 2012 in Spain with the aim of combining efforts to create hi quality games.

For this reason, we created the name for developing (Nirdia Entertainment) and this website, in order to provide a framework to inform about all the progress on developments and news.

It will also have the goal to share the steps taken to carry out our ideas, our advice for those starting out and our experience in solving the problems found.

Our first job and initial motivation for creating this website, is “Hispania: “Saints & Warriors”, a strategy game of medieval simulation, which brings together historical rigor, with some well deserved graphics and revolutionary gameplay.

ThuleCurrently, Nirdia is formed mainly by Victor M. Aguirre and David Garay, as well as volunteers or paid staff, so we are always open to working with new partners, associates or professional.

Victor M. Aguirre

Since he was a child, Víctor M. Aguirre has been programming videogames, although he has never grew professionally in gaming business.

He has always loved strategy games, and to look into them for the “quest” of the perfect game. He studied History and at the present day he writes his PhD on Spanish Medieval History. For him, ‘Hispania’ is like his second doctoral thesis.

Some of the projects developed by Víctor are ‘Media Tempestas’ (the grand-father of ‘Hispania’), ‘Thule’ or ‘Hellas’. All of them are unfinished projects.


Media Tempestas

David Garay

River LoopsDavid Garay has developed games since 1995 both independently and funded projects. Starting with tools like QBasic or DIV, through tools like Blitz3D, GameMaker, Ogre3D, HTML5 and team projects with UDK, Android SDK and XNA for Xbox and Windows Phone. Some projects performed by David Garay were:

Presentation on “Open day on computer graphics and video games” at UC of the following games: Pong Survival, Tux In Gates and River Loops.

In the Campus Party held in the PFC (Festival Hall), by presenting several models of Xbox games.

Xbox Model Games

He has also participated in a project to Santander’s bid for European Cultural City with a team of 15 people and a budget of $ 100,000, which created an Edutainment game, composed by several mini-multicultural video games.

Edutainment Game

Thus, in addition to providing quality games, we hope to share with you our progress and experiences, and we will gladly try to help also with your questions and concerns.

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