An interesting project: History and Videogames.

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These days I have had the pleasant experience: to contact with the professor of the University of Murcia, Dr. Juan F. Jiménez Alcázar, and to find a project that he leads: the History and videogames website (also has Facebook group). In this corner of the web history lovers, or video games, or both, like Professor Jiménez Alcázar and us, can find an initiative launched with support from the Ministry of Economy of Spain, promoting something that is unstoppable: the game as a cultural event and an educational tool.

Professor Jimenez Alcázar is a pioneer in highlight and promote the importance of the game for the learning of history in the 21th century (especially Medieval), and probably has already faced reluctance and mistrust in our own guild (the historians) quite traditional in their teaching methods. He has been embarked for several years on this line of work. Now he is going to start dealing for a magazine project with this subject, in which we wish him all the luck in the world.

Among the activities that have been carried out we find the approach of medieval-themed game for high school youth, for which he has received invaluable support from other doctors and teachers. Make no mistake: young people are fascinated by history. Our society as a whole is seduced by the medieval Era, a time full of mystery and undiscovered. What they do not like so much, in our era of audiovisual content and entertainment group through internet, is to be enclosed in a library in front of a mountain of books. I confess my taste for both things, but I understand that many people prefer contact with history through a computer screen. We should encourage that desire. We will try to plant the seed with the videogames, and perhaps the young of tomorrow will enter the library for answers.

I invite everyone to stop by History and Video Games, view the purposes, activities, articles (some of them in English) and other content, which are home to a phenomenon that will grow in the years ahead, and will be part of Hispania: Saints & Warriors. I thank Professor Jiménez Alcázar for his closeness and kindness, and I hope that someday he can write an entry on this blog, Nirdia.

Greetings to all and enjoy the summer.


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