Averroes: 888 years later.

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Today I had a pleasant surprise. The Cordobese philosopher Averroes was in the Spanish Doodle of Google today! It turns out that today it makes 888 years since his birth in 1126, when the Almoravids, a warlike North African tribe, were still ruling Al Andalus.

Averroes, as the Christians called him, is actually Abu Al Walid Ibn Rashid, former character of Andalusian roots, master in most disciplines practiced Islam in the twelfth century: medicine, astrology, philosophy, theology, law. But his main work, for which he is best known in the West, was the reading and interpretation of the works by Aristotle, whose Latin translation changed the way Europe understood the world.

AverroesThe thought of the XIII century Europe owed ​​much to the efforts of Averroes. Our philosopher had not, however, a simple existence. Much of his work was condemned for opposing the thesis of Islam, and European scholars of the era, from major universities, also opposed the Averroists thesis, but failed to get them off entirely. They strongly re-emerged later in the Middle Ages.

Averroes died in 1198.

In Hispania : Saints & Warriors we join the celebration of this day, especially when Averroes is a character of our game. In fact, as you can see in the sketch attached, soon we will have a complete picture of our philosopher, as he will appear in the game. Amazing, isn’t it? It is Javier Charro‘s work.

Greetings to all!

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