Choosing Gaming Platform for Hispania

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Hispania Windows8

As mentioned in the introduction to, our goal is to create quality games, which carries a high graphics performance and processing.

Thus, initially the game will not be developed for mobile devices or tablets, but for desktop computers and laptops. Thereafter we will be able to consider of adapting the game to other devices.

The aim is to work with HD images, which entail large data storage capacity (approximately 2 to 4 GB). In addition, we will have to store a large amount of resources into RAM memory. Being a 2D game, memory images are not compressed and can take even 10 times more than a picture in JPG or PNG format. Therefore, we will work with a RAM memory storage of about 2 GB.

Hispania OSHispania: Saints & Warriors, will be initially developed for Microsoft Windows, being compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

All this, along with the large number of sprites to be displayed on screen, will force to initially develop the game under PC platform, in order to deploy all the resources with the quality we want to bring to the players, and within this option, we have chosen Microsoft Windows as development platform.

Why not iOS, Linux or Android? Apple’s iOS and Android are also a good choice and there is a large market of users who are potential buyers, so it is an option for the future. Regarding Linux, it took a good place for some years, however now (except Android) Linux is not too widespread among regular users.

Why not a cross platform to reach different operating systems? Tools like Unity3D, UDK or any framework for HTML5 would be perfectly valid. Once we have completed the Windows Desktop project, we will study the possibility of a cross-platform version to reach more devices, but this version is very likely that it couldn’t maintain the same quality.

The advantage of working with a single platform is to study and take to the limit the graphic quality and the number of sprites on screen, working at a closer level to the underlying machine.

Cross Platform Application Development

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