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    Hey guys for the past few weeks i havent been able to download games through origin or uplay and even on my xbox. i cant help but think it has to do with my network. i have forwarded the correct ports for the appropriate programs and my xbox. i have uninstalled and tried reinstalling countless times. The specific games im having trouble with:

    Rainbow 6 Siege on uplay: downloads to 8/35gb

    Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 on origin: BF1 downloads to 96% of 8gb

    Titanfall 2 on Xbox: The game installs fine but will only update 1.25/26gb

    I have no idea what else to do. i have tried all suggestions from xbox to fix it, like installing offline and installing the update after install. any help you guys can provide is appreciated.

    For more details : website builder software

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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