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March 12, 2015 Hispania

Hispania Saints & Warriors Logo

Hispania still growing steadily. The game comes to life slowly and although there is still much work to do, we continue working to create the ultimate strategy game.

Currently, we have begun to build the official website of Hispania: Saints & Warriors, where we will include all kind of news, galleries and official downloads. Thus, www.nirdia.com will remain our DevBlog where you can follow our progress in detail and www.hispania-saintsandwarriors.com page will be the official website of the game.

To perform the various illustrations of the game, we are working with Javier Charro, an illustrator of high artistic level, who is specialized in “role-playing” artwork. Charro level has nothing to envy other artists of medieval fantasy and science fiction like Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Enrique J. Corominas or Victoria Francés among others. You can check this in his website www.charroart.com.

Hispania Cid Hero

Charro has a large curriculum that endorses its professionalism, and even within the world of video games he has performed illustrations for companies of great importance like Namco Bandai and Glu Games.

The logo appearing on this page and illustration of this post (the Cid, which appears in this post) were drawed by Charro, who perfectly printed the soul of Hispania and its characters.

This artwork is also helping to give personality to the game site, which is currently printed with the essence of Hispania.

To create our website, we have hired the services of indexMedia. They are specialized in giving life to companies in the network and they have shown great effectiveness and efficiency. You can also visit their website at www.indexmedia.es.

From here on, we invite you to visit our new website.

Thus, you will be able to be updated on all developments and news of Hispania Saints and Warriors.


Hispania Official Website Preview