Madrid Game Conference 2015

May 30, 2015 DevBlog

Madrid Game Conference ESNE Universidad de Diseño Innovación y Tecnología

We have been at Madrid Game Conference (MGC in ESNE). In this edition, they have discussed one of the most important topics when creating a video game theme: Promotion and Marketing.

The information technologies are constantly changing and it’s not a surprise that what we once knew as crowdfunding (Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe …), now it’s more popularly known as FFF; Triple F of Family, Friends and Fools. This is, nowadays thousands of games are published every day. If you have not worked in Lucas Arts or participated in the Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island then, for you, crowdfunding will be a “subtle” way to ask for money your inner circle.

At this conference, Daniel Parente presents Juan Manuel Moreno Reyes (Co-Founder of Indiefan and Nivel Oculto), Juan Antonio Muñoz Gallego (Chief Business Development Officer at Ubiqua), Jon Llaguno (founder of Marketing in video games) and Bernardo Hernandez (Founder of ElceroUno and Videojuegosyconsolas).

This is not just about funding us and succeed using savings, FFF, Incubators, Coaching, Publishers, Capitalization, Networking, Angels, venture capital or state subsidies, as, after all this effort, you’ll need to reach among the target audience. Today it is very difficult to make someone playing your game, even if your game is free.

I invite you to come to these kinds of events or ask us any question about it. You will always meet new people and their experiences.

ESNE Madrid Game Conference 2015