Making Hispania’s map: rivers.

January 23, 2014 Hispania  No comments


Upon completion of the textures we start giving detail to the map. These decorative map elements also influence the game mechanics. They are mostly rivers and mountains.

This elements function as borders and define the communication channels . Since ancient times, the roads have followed the course of rivers (as water is essential for the traveler) and avoided the mountains, or searched for walkways through these. In this post we care about the rivers.

The Iberian Peninsula has an extensive river network . Obviously, it is impossible to collect on our map all these rivers, so we have decided to capture only the most important. The course of the rivers is faithful to reality, but on occasion has changed slightly to better accommodate the location of the solares/sites (more on them later ) or a mountain range. In any case their courses are realistic and perfectly fulfilled its function.

So far we have only defined the course of rivers. The idea is to apply them more details later. The attached photos are restricted to this model foreground.

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