Making Hispania’s map: textures.

December 29, 2013 Hispania  No comments


The map on which we play is fundamental. The environment is that the player will have closer contact throughout the game. The sovereign, armies, characters, and other interactive elements are moved by it, we will indicate many things we have to assess and control. Furthermore, not only has to be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, because the idea of the game is that you enjoy hours played and not the other. Therefore I insist: it is fundamental.

No one should be surprised, therefore, that it is taking a long time to do. The work is being intense. First were map textures. In a territory as the Iberian Peninsula, where climates are Atlantic, Mediterranean, landlocked Mediterranean, and steppe, getting adequate textures was no easy task. Today we presume that -thanks to my atlas-, we have managed to produce a very attractive textures and much closer to reality than other games of the same topic -here you have everything you can imagine, I have come to see palm forest in Cantabria-.

We took care to define three key areas, but within them there are nuances. First, an Atlantic area, which correspond to the Portuguese coast from Lisbon to the region of Galicia, and all the northern Spanish coast to the Pyrenees; a continental Mediterranean area, which extends along the two plateaus, Orense area, Ebro valley, and much of the Catalan, Valencian and Murcia regions; and a full Mediterranean, which would correspond to Andalusia, the Valencian and Catalan eastern coast, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura, and southern Portugal.

Here you have some examples to whet your appetite. Soon I will continue with another issue that took many hours for its complicated plot: the rivers. A greeting.

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