‘Media Tempestas’, the grandfather of ‘Hispania’

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Media Tempestas
Before ‘Hispania: Saints & Warriors’ there was ‘Media Tempestas: Hispania’. This ‘Media Tempestas’ was a humble oldie-style strategic game, programmed by me alone in QBasic and focused on the Spanish Reconquista. It was a modest design. After all, this kind of games don’t demand a lot of resources and are thought to please a very limited audience. It was, simply, a personal project for a personal satisfaction.
The idea of ‘Media Tempestas’ was born at my degree lectures on Spanish Middle Ages during my university days, at the beginning of the present century. I thought that the period was very interesting for a game and that it had great possibilities to enjoy. I’ve been playing a lot of old strategic games during the last decade or more. Those games gave me great ideas to develop. I love Sword of Aragon, Colonization, Civilization I-II, Romance of the Three Kingdoms I-IV, Genghis Khan I-II, Warlord… And also more recent ones, like the Heroes of Might & Magic’s series, Age of Wonders, Total War series, Europa Universalis…



At the beginning, ‘Media Tempestas’ had a very simple interface and a few options, with a map and several icons, similar to those jewels of Koei: Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Genghis Khan. But the years were passing and I developed more and more a complex and ambitious project, with the result that it was an impossible goal for one person. I did a lot of ‘Media Tempestas’, but finally I surrendered and focused in other projects, especially in Thule and Hellas (I will talk of these games in future entries).


Years passed and Thule, as well as Hellas, suffered the same destiny as ‘Media Tempestas’. To programme a historical and strategic game with great quality and dozens of options and possibilities turned, again, to be too much work for only one man. After all, I never earned a penny with my games, and it was a huge effort just for fun. One day, talking with my friend David Garay we match that it was the moment to start something serius together. We would begin our game, based in the idea of ‘Media Tempestas’, in the new technologies, and we would do it complex, attractive, pleasant and educative. We were in the need to find a name with charm for the game. That is how ‘Hispania: Saints and Warriors’ was born.

Other screenshots of the game:



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