Notebook: Clarifying Ideas

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Once we have written or even documented the ideas, it’s time to delve into them. To do this, one of the recommendations I make is doing it on paper. That is, pencil in hand and begin to develop the ideas.

In addition, this allows us to take advantage of any time and place to move forward with our game. In my opinion, a tablet is not versatile enough. I prefer pencil and paper.

In my case, I use a notebook, among other things, to further develop the following:

This is a very important point.
The aim is to solve all the problems that we encounter on paper: How we will paint the graphic layers, search paths, zoom, integration of 2D and 3D, battles, character interaction, etc.
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Modelling and Diagrams
It includes the class diagrams, state diagram, tables, attributes, actions, relationships… In our notebook we can develop the entire skeleton of our game, but later we will have to use more structured programs.
Class Diagram Drafts States Diagrams UML

The notebook is also useful for making drafts of our blog entries. It also serves to make web page drafts, forums drafts and more.
Blog Notebook Notepad

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