Rendered Isometric Mountains

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Isometric Mountains Sprites Videogames

Once the map is beginning to take shape and already created the rivers and roads, it is time to move to the mountains.
There are several ways to create isometric mountains. For example, we can draw them in code with the following elements:

- A base texture: For example grass.
- A second texture: For example snow for heights.
- A heightmap (or bumpmap) : Where the intensity of white indicates the height of the 3D mesh and the height where the snow starts to appear.
- A lightmap (normal map if you are using dynamic lighting): Include lighting on land is expensive, we can supply the illumination by a light texture on the ground.
The result may be something like this, where from a certain height we have included the snow. Once done, we could render the image or use it directly if we were in a 3D game.
Mountain 3d Programming
However, for the game of Hispania: Saints & Warriors, we have used modelling tools to create 3D high quality rendered isometric mountains to use as 2D graphics.
Here are all the mountains we have not used and can be freely used (with attribution to ). You can also download them together here:

Recursos Isométricos VideoJuegos
Isometric Creative Commons Sprite
Isometric Cliff Resource 3D
Iso Mountains Sprites 2D 3D CC
Iso Mountain Terrain 2D Render
Iso Mountain Creative Commons
Iso CC BY Mountain
Gráficos 2D Videojuegos Montañas
Creative Commons Video Game Resources
Recursos Isométricos 3D
Mountain Isometric Hill
Montaña Videojuego Isométrico
Montaña 2D Juegos
Isometric Mountain Range
Iso Mountain 3D Resources
Iso Mountain 2D Desert
Game Isometric Mountain Chain
Videogame isometric sprite
Render Montaña Isométrica
Montaña Videojuegos Render
Montaña Render Videojuegos
Isometric Mountain Render
Isometric 2D Mountain
3D Videogame Mountain
2D Isometric Videogame mountain

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