Settling doubts: territorial organization in ‘Hispania: Saints & Warriors’.

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One of the chapters that usually arouses the curiosity of people who know ‘Hispania: Saints & Warriors’ is the territorial division that they will experience during the game. In order to get closer to a medieval territorial organization, ours is a bit more complex than in other games, but it is no big deal. Let’s see:

The map of Hispania is divided during the game on two types of territorial division: the dominion, which would be the representation of the countryside; on the other hand, the site, space physically located on the dominions, but politically and legally independent of them. The site is a more interesting and sophisticated territory, as can be found in four different states: empty, a land without tillage; there may be / founded a village; there may be / founded a monastery; there can be / founded a castle. In any case, over time, all of them develops into a city.

What are the differences between the dominions and sites? The dominios of rural type produce goods such as livestock and agriculture, while sites produce more refined goods: handicrafts, trade, culture and more. Sites also enjoy more complex legal status, and also bring more wealth; on the other hand, they will be more demanding and problematic to the lord of this place. Furthermore, the owners of one another are different. The dominion can be possessed by kings, dukes, counts, bishops and masters of military orders. Sites also have these lords, but are governed by subordinates (unless the lord is present in the site): ‘villages’ are owned by a dominus, public servant who represents the lord, and if it grows to city he can become mayor with his council; site ‘monasteries’ are governed by an abbot; site ‘castle’ is ruled by a warden.

When a site is located in the county of Castile, for example, it does not mean it belongs to the count of Castile. The Count has the dominion, and may have sites on his dominion or out of it, but this sites can also be possessed by another lord from another place, even from another realm. The site is independent of the dominion, although it is physically located in it.

I hope I have shed some light on these concepts. In fact, in the medieval world all these things were more complex, but in a game it has to be simplified not to disorient the player. I believe that this simplification is easy to understand.

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