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We move to Game Maker Studio

December 21, 2015 DevBlog



After making several 3D games like this, I realized that 2D games were more attractive and accessible.

To this end Game Maker is a great choice for many reasons. Among others:

- Easily portable to Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux …

- Full sprite management, also setting which sprites will be stored into the video card memory.

- Thousands of useful and efficient built-in functions.

- Opt...

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What game engine should I choose?

December 14, 2013 DevBlog  One comment

Game Engines Motores Juegos

When we’ve decided to create a video game, we should ask ourselves several questions. With these answers, we will find it easier to choose the development tools and the game engine. There are literally hundreds of tools for creating video games.

In this post, we will discuss the most prominent and most used indie engines. We will not go talking about very high budgets engines (we are always talking about indie projects) neither engines with an open price depending on the project.

Therefore, we won’t talk about engines like CryEngine, Crystal Tools, Vicious Engine 2, RAGE, Anvil, etc.


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Choosing Gaming Platform for Hispania

November 3, 2013 DevBlogHispania  One comment

Hispania Windows8

As mentioned in the introduction to, our goal is to create quality games, which carries a high graphics performance and processing.

Thus, initially the game will not be developed for mobile devices or tablets, but for desktop computers and laptops. Thereafter we will be able to consider of adapting the game to other devices.

The aim is to work with HD images, which entail large data storage capacity (approximately 2 to 4 GB). In addition, we will have to store a large amount of resources into RAM memory...

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