The making of Hispania’s map: bridges, roads, and Roman roads.

February 9, 2014 Hispania  No comments


Superb! Our map is taking shape, and soon you will see how is getting substance. As an example we introduce you to the next layer:  the share of bridges, roads and Roman roads .

The bridges over the rivers are put at the points where roads and driveways are going to cross them. For a more varied illustration, we have chosen to place wooden bridges over the rivers when crossing a road, while for the Roman roads we have used stone bridges.

With regard to roads and Roman driveways further explanation is necessary. The reason to separate these two different types of road is important. In the Middle Ages the Spanish Roman roads were still preserved in relatively good condition, and were frequently used by armies, trade routes, travelers … The roads created by the Romans have a rational basis for the rugged Spanish geography. It was so successful that the main roads and highways in Spain today owe much of that model of antiquity.

Also, the movement on Roman roads is going to have effect on the game. The movement is more fluid for them. This is going to add a strategic plus for their use. Layout road for Hispania: Saints and Warriors corresponds to that existed in reality.

Regarding the simple ways, their layout is arbitrary and merely respond to the needs of the game. To know it well also help strategic decisions once in the game.

That’s all for now. See you all in the next post!


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