The making of Hispania’s map: mountains.

March 2, 2014 Hispania  No comments


Greetings to all! If you’ve been following us you’ve witnessed the evolution of the map of Hispania in recent months. We already have a form, textures, rivers, roads and driveways. Now it’s time to put something more ‘heavy’ in our map: the mountains.

The mountains are of crucial importance, especially in a map of the Iberian Peninsula. The cause of this importance of orographic factor is that the territory of Hispania is very hilly . The rugged relief has always decisively influenced the history of the territory, until it becomes an essential factor in its development over the centuries .

The location of the mountains was not an easy task, as they must comply with a true reality and at the same time accommodate the sites chosen to play and, not least, have an attractive appearance that was not overbearing for the player . We thank Master Ninja’s design. Many of those mountains have not been necessary for us to finish, and have been shared on the web OpenGameArt for the enjoyment of fans and creators.

Overall I think the result speaks for itself, but its overall presence gains much by the contribution of forests. However, we keep that image for the next entry.

Enjoy the screenshots and see you all soon!



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