The making of Hispania’s map: the result.

June 4, 2014 Hispania  No comments

Hispania: overall picture

I wanted to write this post just to provide a comprehensive picture of how it turned out the map. This scenario will be the main stage of the game, where your king and the rest of the Peninsula characters are going to move and interact.

But it is not the only mapping in ‘Hispania: Saints & Warriors’. To contemplate the expansion of the Hispanic kingdoms beyond the Iberian territory there will be sites in the Canary Islands, Azores and other Atlantic islands; in Sardinia, Silicia and the Italian peninsula; strategic places in North Africa, Malta, Greece and other sites in the eastern Mediterranean.

There won’t be American territories in the game. To discover America it’s a possibility in the lasts levels of gameplay, and with that you will achieve a victory by Exploration, but it will finish the game, because it exceeds our chronological framework. In the future we will develop this ideas further.

We will forward more details of the map in the coming months. For now, I leave these images for you to enjoy. See you soon!

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