The making of Hispania’s map: undergrowth.

May 14, 2014 Hispania  No comments

Gredos mountains - Hispania

The static part of the map is now complete. We have textures, rivers, roads and Roman roads, mountains and forests. Now, we need to add depth and detail to the forests: undergrowth and bushes.

The undergrowth is that shadow we see adding an extra detail to the forest map. Its function is purely decorative, it will serve to enhance the visual appearance of the main game screen, on which the map appears. We have added three kinds of undergrowth: a green one for the Atlantic Forest; another dark brown, to the mainland; and the forth between yellow and light green for the Mediterranean area.

But we haven’t completed this part of the work. The map of Hispania will feature animated elements, not just the characters that manage the computer or the player, but merely decorative. We had already anticipated the presence of animals of the Iberian fauna. But we must also add windmills, clouds, fire, herds, pilgrims… I mean, there is still much work to do!

I leave to the next entry, which will be published in a week. Greetings to all, and do not forget to tell us what you think of the map!

PS: the image of the ‘city’ in these screenshots is merely representative. In the final version of the game it will be different, and will change depending in the development of the ‘site’.

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