UHD 4K and 8K. Is it worth it?

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Ultra HD 4k 8K

In the post “2D and FullHD, Retina and 4K resolutions”, talk about the various current resolutions. From FullHD up to 4k. Currently these resolutions (4K) have come to be defined as UHD, currently on format 4K and 8K.


FullHD: Size is 1920×1080 pixels. That is, an uncompressed image occupies more than 6MB. To know how much an hour film would take, we should multiply 6MB*60 images on one second, at 3600 seconds in an hour. Luckily, there are many algorithms to store data without any loss of quality. In this case a film minute would be about 7 GB. This is, a two hours FullHD movie should be about 840GB without losing any quality. Has anyone seen a movie with this quality? Luckily there are also very good compression methods that can make a movie occupy 25GB and we almost won’t notice the compression.

UHD 8K: This means 7680×4320. That is, a single frame occupies almost 100MG! 6GB means 1 second! Similarly, data can be compacted to store a movie like “The Lord of the Rings” in 8K, with full quality, occupying “only” 20 TB (tera bytes). Where will they store these movies?

I mean, any UHD movie with less than 1TB means that quality still FullHD, since that is the real quality of FullHD.

The same goes for video games. Do you know that many PS4 games are restricted as they don’t fit in a BlueRay? Currently, buying 8k or 4k screens makes no sense. We will have to wait about 5 or 6 years to see movies, games, and hardly TV stations exploiting these new resolutions.

What about Hispania: Saints & Warriors? Don’t worry, you can play perfectly Hispania in the resolution you want. If you want to play on a 8K screen, you can put the game to that resolution (you will see almost the entire map at once) or any other you choose and then, you can accommodate with the zoom.

Ultra Hi Definition Image test 8k

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