Vector sprites drawing for 2D Games

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Vectorial Drawing for Games

In the next posts, we will discuss different techniques in creating 2D games. Specifically, today we will talk about vector graphics.

At this point, we must distinguish between a picture that is painted in vector way and a sprite that is the result of a vector image.

Nowadays it is common to draw animations using vector drawing. Since a vector drawing can be resized without loosing quality, it helps us to adapt the sprites to any screen resolution. Besides being an easy method of painting, it is also an easy method for animation (e.g. a tutorial here).

Once we have performed the vector drawing, there are 2 painting choices. Here are the pros and cons (+, -):

Vector Drawing

This means painting the vector drawing on the screen. It’s painted as a set of lines, arcs, curves and fill colors. This means that the drawing doesn’t exist as an image, but a set of functions, lines and color codes (primitive shapes and lines).
+They are readily adapted to the screen size and resolution without losing quality.
+ They take up very little space in memory, since it’s not composed of pixels with colours, but by straight lines, curved lines and fill colours.
- They use a lot of processor capability (or many resources of the graphics card), which results in a performance degradation, especially if we are going to paint many items on the screen.

Raster Images through vector drawing

For this technique, once we have made the vector drawing, we could export the image to a traditional format, based on the requirements of the target device (usually PNG, GIF, TIFF …). For PS4, images should be large while for a mobile device we need to save memory.
+ Very fast painting. That is, the image is allocated in memory and we just have to paint it.
- Takes up much memory space.
- Requires different sizes for each different device.
- Ingame resizing means losing quality.

We offer you several raster images made from vector images so you can use it in your videogames or projects:

Ciclope Cyclops Sprite 2D Videogame Flash Adobe

Dragon Dragoon Sprite Animation Animated 2D

Chicken Mount Pollo Montura 2D Animated Sprite Parts Chocobo Style Creative Commons

2 comments to Vector sprites drawing for 2D Games

  • adhire  says:

    Los sprites que nos dan a descargar puedo usarlos libre de copyright?

  • admin admin  says:

    Sí, puedes usarlos libremente tanto para uso propio como para uso comercial e incluso puedes hacer modificaciones sobre ellos. Lo único que pedimos es que en algún sitio se haga referencia al origen de las imágenes (en los créditos u otro lugar).
    Así mismo puedes escribir en nuestro Foro por si quieres dar a conocer tu proyecto.

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