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October 9, 2013 Hispania  No comments

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The web you are reading right now is thought to keep our followers informed about the game we are working on: Hispania – Saints and Warriors.

What is Hispania? A history game? A game on historical strategy? An edutainment game? I think it is all of this and more. Because we are aiming at a very ambitious project, which can be defined as a historical simulation. Why a historical simulation? Because our intention is to show a historical time in an exhaustive detail, and let the player participate in it. During the game he will take part in complex situations that can be defined as strategic, but he will also experience roleplaying. And, as he plays, he will learn too.

Why is the game called Hispania? Because it will take place in an exciting historical era known as the Spanish Reconquista, one of the key historical process in Europe, concluded with the conquest of Granada and the discovery of America. Those medieval centuries offer us hundreds of posibilities of gameplay that every gamer would enjoy: military expansion, cultural development, diplomatics, resource dealing, plots, intrigues, battles… The clash between two worlds confronted by religious and cultural hatred, in regular fighting: Christians and Muslims in a too narrow land for both to live.

This web is the place on the internet where both authors of this colossal effort are going to introduce and show you the making of “Hispania: Saints and Warriors”. We will provide you with news of the advancements in the game; we will unveil some secrets of its mechanics (really innovative and realistic!); we will discuss History (mainly Spanish and medieval); we will discover programming tricks and useful tools, and overall we will talk on videogames and entertainment.

If you like videogames, history, programming, and if you want to actively participate in the development of an ambitious videogame, with an exciting and educational background, you have found your place. Stay with us and enjoy the web page.


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