What game engine should I choose?

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When we’ve decided to create a video game, we should ask ourselves several questions. With these answers, we will find it easier to choose the development tools and the game engine. There are literally hundreds of tools for creating video games.

In this post, we will discuss the most prominent and most used indie engines. We will not go talking about very high budgets engines (we are always talking about indie projects) neither engines with an open price depending on the project.

Therefore, we won’t talk about engines like CryEngine, Crystal Tools, Vicious Engine 2, RAGE, Anvil, etc.

There is one exception. If you (or your team) are specialized in specific tools and the effort of changing tools is high, you should ask whether it is worth investing in new tools. This post can help you if you don’t yet know what tools to use in your project.

Therefore, we will NOT discuss specific design tools (Photoshop, Gimp, 3D Studio, Maya, Flash …), nor other tools to create video games. At this point we should clarify what we want and the scope of the game. For this purpose we should ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Do we want to work for any platform or group of platforms in particular? That is, the platform for which the game will be published, whether it will be an online game, whether it is cross-platform, whether it is for all types of phones, console, PC, Android, iOS, etc..
  • How many people are in the project? How much money is available?
  • Will we make a 2D or 3D game? This can also be decisive when choosing the tools with which to work. We must also think the graphics quality and the amount of sprites on screen. This may limit the platform on which to develop.
  • What level of processing and loading data would we need? This refers to the size and complexity of our game. A game based on text dialogues is different than a game based on spoken dialogues.

There may be many more important factors and, in fact, depending on the project, some of these criteria may have little relevance.

Once we’ve clarified these points, the next step is to decide what tools we will need. Based on the above criteria, a ranking of the most representative and best tools is presented. All this, considering it is rated for Indie projects and low budget:

Game Engines

Game Engines

There are many more details about the proposed engines: Which ones are provided with physics engines, which allow you to run in debug mode, creating animation modules or materials, etc. To complete this information, you have a couple of links that might be very interesting and complete:




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